First pair of ballet shoes

First pair of ballet shoes

Last year when I decided I wanted to start ballet again (again, as in for the first time since I was approximately 6 years old), I was super excited at the prospect of getting my first pair of ballet shoes.

I was also super nervous.

Was I going to be judged for walking into this fancy dance shop? I don’t look like a dancer – I’m 5’11”! On that note, can you imagine what a terrifying towering giant bean pole I would look like en pointe?

Anyway, so I plucked up the courage and walked in to the shop. This is that same dance shop that my mum took me to when I was little. And can you guess what happened? The shopkeeper remembered me! She?? Remembered?? Me?? 15 years later!  Maybe it’s not as cool as I think it is. She was lovely and not judgemental at all. Phew.

That was mostly the point of this post, I don’t think you want to hear about how I tried on a few shoes until I found a pair that fit snugly.

Leather split sole, by the way. I would like a canvas pair as well.

Oh and I have to brag about how I discovered that the shoes came un-elastic’d so I dutifully sewed them in on my own. I think I did a good job of it!



7 thoughts on “First pair of ballet shoes

      1. The part the drawstring goes through? Or the drawstring itself? The shoes might need that part, though I suppose if the shoes fit snug and the elastics are sewn well it may not matter. My shoes definitely need the drawtring to fit well, but I have somewhat oddly shaped feet…
        Of course, you might be referring to an altogether different part of the shoe.


      2. The drawstring, that’s the word for it! I didn’t know shoes needed it. Maybe it depends on the shape of your foot. I read on a dance forum a while ago a few people took their drawstrings out and they fit better that way. I probably could have just done with tying the string less tightly, to be honest.


      3. Yeah, it’s gotta be a foot shape thing; if I took mine off the shoes would be too big, but if I get a smaller size my foot gets all scrunched up.
        If they’re tied too tight that’s probably why it feels uncomfortable. It’d be nice if they offered fittings for slippers just as they do for pointe shoes LOL!


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