Turn up, turn out

Turn up, turn out

Okay so hey hi friends, this is me documenting my turnout before I begin ballet. I don’t think it’s Terribly Awful but I think it could be MUCH better.

I only know two three exercises to get better turnout. One is in the frog position and the other is kind of where you sit down your legs make a box shape, one shin parallel on top of the other, and you feel it on the sides of your hips. Oh and the one where you sit with your feet together and let your legs drop to the sides.

I’m really bad at explaining things. If you know any good exercises you should let me know in the comment section!!

Anyway. Here’s the ol’ turn out.



7 thoughts on “Turn up, turn out

  1. I think your turnout looks pretty good for a beginner…
    A few months ago I found these exercises for keeping the turnout while plieing and stuff, as some people can have the feet turned out but then don’t have the strength to keep the turnout (which comes from the hips) aligned correctly when they plie (like me, when I started). There was a video on a blog called If The Pointe Shoe Fits, I think the post was called “exercises for turnout” or something like that.
    Sorry if they’re not stretches, technically, but I’ve found them to be helpful. They involve a Theraband, which I also recommend for a beginning ballet student – I wish I’d known about them sooner! They’re good for foot and ankle strengthening exercises as well, and have helped so much.


  2. Awesome! My turnout was worse when i started, you have good natural turnout. Dont forget to also stretch your straddle (middle split) so that your hips dont only stretch one way. It will help overall 😦


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