First jazz class!

First jazz class!

It was intense. They say level one beginner yet they lie. Half of the people were newbies like me just trying it out and half the people had taken the class last year, and they were pretty damn good.

At the start we suddenly began warming up vigorously to this vigorous music and it was all very vigorous and exciting. I really enjoyed that part. I sweated up a storm, honestly.

Then we got down and stretched to the music which was good. I was more flexible than I expected to be. Probably because I was very warmed up by this point.

After that came … centre work?? What do you call that in jazz? I don’t know. You know what I mean. We did jazz kicks across the room in pairs (still to the very vigorous music), then fan kicks, then split jumps (!!!!!!!?????) which I obviously did horribly but hey it was fun.

And thennn we learnt a small routine and oh my god I kind of got it but there was this one fast HITHITHIT that I absolutely could not nail. We broke it down, put it together, then put it to music, then got split into three groups and did it in our groups, then did it together, then did it first group/second group/third group non-stop to the music.

I wish the more experienced people would go to level 2 so the teacher can move at a beginners pace! But at the same time it’s really helpful to see them doing it how it’s meant to be done.

Now I’m not the greatest at explaining things like this, but I hope you can see what a crazy first class it was! Very fun though. I’m definitely going back next week.


7 thoughts on “First jazz class!

  1. Wow! Sounds like a blast of energy and then a crash of exhaustion. 🙂

    In comparison to our dance center, it also sounds like more than a Jazz 1; at least for the kiddos’ Jazz 1 at my dance center. I’m not sure where they’d place adults starting Jazz at my school. I don’t think that’s common.
    I’ve observed Jazz 4 when m
    y daughter auditioned to move up early and she was at first scared at the difference between Jazz 3 & 4. (Jazz 3 wasn’t being taught properly in her situation and they she wasn’t learning anything new, and like you touched on, a couple girls should’ve been moved up or the majority of the class kept at Jazz 2, it was a very frustrating thing. I think this type of thing is common. Especially when it is a dance facility that is non-profit; when the paying parents say please move my daughter or we’re leaving, they all too often move the kids. :-/)

    Jazz is intense and also looks fun. I personally don’t think my body could handle moving up very far in that class, and my joints would eventually suffer. Ha, ha!

    However, for some inspiration for you, we have an adult, that started in adult open ballet class a few years ago, that is now on point with seventeen year-olds, and she is in her late 50’s!
    I’ve been encouraged to move forward, however I’m a happy camper at barre, ha ha!

    Are you planning on dancing in any performances?

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    1. I dont think I’ll be doing any performances! Well not until I’m a decent dancer, haha.

      The jazz class I did is for young adults and adults so there are no kids.

      Thanks for the comment! It’s so long I feel like this reply is so inadqueate!


  2. Wow, jazz class sounds hard. Glad you had fun!
    I know what you mean about calling a class beginning level and they lied, with the more experienced people mixed in there and stuff. But just think, in a short while, it may be you who is more experienced!

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