The really good dancer girl

The really good dancer girl

There was this very good dancer in today’s (beginner) ballet class. She was wearing a crop top and lil dance shorts and she was obviously meant to be in level 2ish. She smiled while doing the steps! I probably looked like a distressed snowman while I did the steps…

Her relevé was great too.

So yeah, as the class went on I found myself getting more and more envious and kind of annoyed that she was in the beginner class. I thought she might be showing off.

But then I also found it helpful because I was able to copy her. It helped. I guess.

I absolutely hate feeling like that, it’s terribly tiring, so I complimented her on her dancing at the end of class and she was really humble and said thanks and POOF envy gone.

Maybe it was because my brain had confirmation that she was a kind/friendly person and those are my favourite type of people and it’s hard to be mad at them. If you’re talented and rude get outta town but if you’re talented and lovely I will probably instantly love you.

I have no other explanations.


8 thoughts on “The really good dancer girl

  1. I can relate to this. Its hard when you see dancers who are better, especially if they are younger. If she is in the other level, she might be taking the beginner class to go back to basics. I like to do that sometimes, it lets me focus on my technique.

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  2. Ugh, that feeling is all-too-familiar for me. Sometimes I really can’t help but think that super awesome dancers who take the beginning class just want to show off – especially when they do the “harder” variation of the moves (but at the same time I understand that if they don’t do that they will, like, atrophy or something. But I my immediate knee-jerk reaction is still jealousy and annoyance, unfortunately.)
    That is so cool how you interacted with her instead and made a friend. I think I will try that next time I’m feeling that way. But then, who are we kidding, my social anxiety may flare up. Well, it feels good knowing that there’s a potential different course of action (conplementing them instead of sulking privately).
    Oh, and the visual of a distressed snowman totally made me LOL!

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    1. It’s super hard not to be annoyed at them when they’re prancing around on a high releve with amazing lines and obvious muscle memory while all the new folk are risking embarrassment trying to figure out how to do something they’ve never done before!

      I totally get the anxiety thing. I know if I hadn’t broken that wall I would have dwelled on how good she was vs how bad I was. Still trying to learn that someone else’s success is not my failure.

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      1. Now that I’ve taken the “beginner” class several semesters and have become more comfortable with the type of exercises we will be doing – and yes, the muscle memory – I worry a bit about being the obnoxious person that prances around knowing what they’re doing, LOL. But I always try to be ultra-helpful and encouraging to the newer people. (I hope that didn’t make me sound like I’m full of myself and think I’m “good”, because that’s not even what I think, but I just kind of wished someone had reached out and been nice when I was brand new.) Sometimes new people look so sad and lost and I completely remember feeling that way, so I hope I can make the environment a little bit friendlier. All the more advanced people are soooo intimidating, even to a several-semesters-later beginner like me.


  3. It’s not hard to be envious of those who are better. Happens to me a lot when I’m in classes with company kids. A lot of upper level students do take beginner classes to work on the fundamentals. I slip back in them from time to time as a confidence boost, to at least show myself how much I’ve progressed. When you’re used to being near the bottom in an upper level class, it does make you feel good to go back to a level where you’re one of the most advanced. But remember, everyone was a beginner at some point and the more you work. the better you become.


    1. Yeah, I have nothing against upper level students who take beginner classes. I understand why they do it. So long as it’s only a few in every beginner class (i.e. the minority) then it’s actually pretty helpful because you get to snoop on their technique.


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