Jazz, sweat, and the great hip flexor tragedy

Jazz, sweat, and the great hip flexor tragedy

I think tonight’s class went a little smoother than last week’s. That is, I was able to learn the routine more easily. The final time we did it, I did it right. Better late than never…?

After warm-up and stretching we did a focus-on-abs sesh which was SO intense but I’ve always had relatively okay ab muscles because I’m always tensing them from anxiety. We did front crunches, then crunches to the left and right, then crunches to the front, then circular motion crunches, then other-direction-circular-motion-crunches, then side crunches, then other side crunches, then bicycle crunches, then lying down scissor leg things. Then we did a front plank for 30 seconds. Did I mention it was non-stop? Yeah. The ol’ abdominals will be sore tomorrow.

I think I strained my left hip flexor during the scissor leg switch things. I have iced it but I am a bit sad because it hurts and I’m really hoping it doesn’t get worse because I have ballet tomorrow. I can still move my leg just fine, it just hurts when I do. Should I rest it and not dance if it’s worse? I don’t know. I really don’t want to miss a class.

Oh, the routine we learnt was burlesque-y and really fun!

I sweated so much. Like, is that normal? I feel like I’m the only one sweating that much!? I mean, everyone in the class sweats but I feel like I sweat The Most. I think I might feel like I’m sweating more than I actually am, but still. Does it mean I’m extremely unfit or something? Please advise.

When the class was over I went downstairs and was taking my shoes off when I realised the girl sitting next to me was the girl from the class I’d just done who was very good. A total natural. I complimented her on her dancing and asked how long she’d been at it. She said 3 years since age 18. That gives me hope!!!!! We left together and were walking to our respective forms of public transportation and she said that if I keep at it and take about 3 classes per week (exactly how many I’m doing at the moment!!!) then I should see improvement in no time. She was really lovely and I’m glad I spoke to her.

The end.


3 thoughts on “Jazz, sweat, and the great hip flexor tragedy

  1. Good to hear about the new friend! Don’t worry about how much you sweat. My teacher would say it correlates to how hard you are working, but only to a point. Some people just narturally sweat more than others, and some less. a friend of mine who is the same size as me hardly sweats at all, and I sweat buckets.


  2. Oh how wonderful that you can do three classes a week, what fun! You sound like you’re already on your way to success!
    As for sweating…I think it depends on what you eat, drink, sodium intake, water intake and what-not for part of it, and I think, although maybe not ideal, I imagine it will go away eventually as your body acclimates.
    If it makes you feel any better, when I work out really hard, no matter ballet or gym, my face turns beat red. It has done this since I was a teen, and my darling twelve year old ballerina has the same problem now. That is frustrating for us because I think it’s mostly because we are so fair skinned, at puberty my daughter lost her golden locks of hair, her tan and gained a red face and duller hair. 😦 Thankfully my daughter’s performances have been red-face free so far, since the performances are not an hour and a half long like class. 🙂

    Always lovely to hear your ballet adventure!
    Happy dancing!
    🙂 Tiffany


  3. That is a LOT of ab work! Now that I come to think of it, all my ballet teachers have made us do ab work the first few weeks of class (thought not as much as you described), but other dance students have said the warm up for other styles (like jazz and especially hip hop) are waaaay more intense. The thought of “Are they trying to weed out the weak?” has crossed my mind, though it could just be good old paranoia…
    As for the sweating, yeah, it depends on the person. I’m one of those people that’s always cold, so the most I’ll sweat is a few droplets on my hairline (unless I’m out running, then it’s buckets!) But I’ve seen people whose front and back of the leotard is almost completely covered in sweat from barre alone. It has made me feel that I may not be working hard enough, but it’s one of those “oh well, what can you do?” kind of things.
    If your hip flexor is still hurting before ballet class I would either take the day off – I know, booooo! but think of long term (as in, better to rest a little now than have to take lots more time off to recover) – or at least take it easy, not bring up the leg too high on developpes and grand battements and stuff. Mostly listen to the body; it’ll tell you how it’s feeling.
    Was this the same girl as the really good ballet dancer girl, or a different one?


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