Swan Lake

Swan Lake

Last year the American Ballet Theatre came to Australia with Swan Lake. I pounced on tickets faster than you can imagine. I always like to have seats as close to the stage as possible at the ballet, so I purchased two tickets in the 5th row.

I was originally going to go with my ex but then he became my ex (thank you universe/bullet successfully dodged), so I ended up going with my mum!

We did a stupid thing. We forgot to print the tickets. We got there before we realised so we were super nice and really apologetic to the man and he printed our tickets for us! Then off we bumbled to Mr Ticket Checker by the door.

“Ah, front row. Straight through here.”

Wait, what?

We looked at our tickets.

The man who had printed our tickets had obviously thought he would do a good (GREAT) deed and he’d put us in spare front row seats.

Now gather ’round and let me tell you a thing: It. Was. Breathtaking. I was in complete awe. The orchestra was right in front of us and I could see every tiny movement of the dancer’s feet. All the technique! Up close! In HD!

And that, friends, was probably one of my best experiences of 2014.



2 thoughts on “Swan Lake

  1. That is so awesome!!! I love Swan Lake and I’ll bet front row it was even better than I could possibly imagine.
    This weekend I will be watching the Bolshoi Ballet’s Swan Lake “live” (broadcast live in movie theaters) and I can’t wait, so excited! But if it was really live in person I’d be beside myself with happiness…

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