Frappé here frappé there frappé everywhere

Frappé here frappé there frappé everywhere

Soooo one of my ballet teachers teaches frappés as a striking the ground with your foot movement. The other one teaches it so you strike the air, not the ground.

Exactly the same except for the striking location.

I get the feeling that the former is more common.

What’s the deal?


9 thoughts on “Frappé here frappé there frappé everywhere

  1. I’ve been told as a beginner to attempt to barely strike the ground, and to not stub my toe…which I guess is good advice. 🙂 I can do a nice sounding/looking strike devant but I’m no where close on derrère. When I extend back I’m mostly working on not looking like a peeing puppy.

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  2. Really depends on the method. Most of my teachers teach striking from the ground, but I had one who did not. Her style was Vaganova. The others are a blend of chechetti and Balanchine. But even the ones who teach striking the ground teach it differently. I have one who has you prepare from second, others who don’t.

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  3. Hey there, I’m new to ballet blogging, but let me say that frappés are the absolute worst exercise. Ever. Because they make your thighs jiggle like CRAZY.


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