I can coupe devant just fine.

I can get my leg up to retiré just fine too, if that matters. Not great! Probably not even good. But fine. I can do the thing.

We attempted half pirouettes in class tonight and well


If my life was a comedy show there would have been a canned laughter track playing.

PliiieeeeUP PULLUPPULLUPPULLUPPULLUP and then down like the Leaning Tower of Pisa I go. Every. Time. I fell out of the HALF turn every time! There’s a goal for myself this year. Land one acceptable pirouette.

That’s not aiming too high is it?


11 thoughts on “Pirouwhat?!

  1. Landing decent pirouettes is a fine goal, but do cut yourself some slack. Ballet skills are so progressive. Give yourself time to feel confident and comfortable pushing quickly up to retire (that does matter. That’s the position), and learn to spot your head).
    The pirouette will come. It will. Really.


  2. I am going through the same exact thing. In my adult class, we laugh a lot through them so there’s no pressure there! The scary thing is that my dance teacher in the more advanced teen+ class keeps throwing them into our final recital piece. Eek! I would love to just land one of them well! Good luck!

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  3. I am with you! My brain hears “tilt to the side!” every time my teacher says to feel the invisible string pulling me up into the air. I like to say I’m not a natural turner (helps the ol’ self-esteem) – but I think maybe it’s all about practicing. We can do this!

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