A level up! Sort of

A level up! Sort of

Well, it was a level up from introductory. So it was level 1.

I found it more challenging but I was definitely able to keep up and I absolutely loved it.

Except for the stupid soutenu going to the left. I could do it to the right perfectly fine but I looked like a drunk lobster when I tried on the other foot in a combination.

The class only had about 8 or 9 people in it! Which was amazing. Seriously. This is coming from someone who takes beginner classes that are filled to the brim with like 20+ people, so it felt really personal and I got more corrections.

I took that class on a Wednesday night which is when I usually have jazz. But I craved ballet so much more than jazz I figured it was logical to take one more ballet class. So that’s 4 ballet classes a week now.

I feel like I’m getting so immersed in dance, and apart from seeing my dog at the end of the day it’s the one thing I really look forward to.

Also can we just take one moment to mentally frown at all the people who walk into a beginner class and start talking and then don’t stop talking when the teacher is teaching and act like they know exactly what they’re doing and mark the combinations with their hands and head tilts. And then if there’s a group of them like 1 or 2 will be good and the rest will be not good. Y’all are intimidating. Stop that.

PS I’m fairly certain my feet are getting stronger and more bendy. Yasss.


5 thoughts on “A level up! Sort of

  1. Yay for more ballet!
    Try not to worry about what anyone else is doing in class (except the talking… that’s not ALLOWED). But beyond that, who cares how they mark, or don’t mark or how good they are? They’re doing them. Do you. 🙂
    Keep loving your dancing!

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  2. You’re kicking ballet butt. Okay, well, that’s not a very graceful and accurate statement for ballet, but you get my point. 🙂 Great job!
    For myself, I have to let go of the fact that other dancers (feels weird to even call us “dancers” actually because half of the class is well over 40 and the other nearing mid 30’s), are better than me or take it more seriously or seem not to suddenly lose their brain. I realized last night that I’m not the same in their goals and that’s a big part of the difference. For me, I enjoy every minute of ballet, however I do not think about it extensively at home or go over things later or study ballet online. I’m a mom getting a small break to take a class and have fun. For me, I’m pushing my body to do something new during that hour and half and that’s good enough. It’s all about knowing your own goals and what you want and striving to reach them, only comparing yourself to where you were yesterday or last week. When I get something right that’s an awesome reward and when I lose my train of thought and look like I have gas (my confusion is obvious on my face) I laugh inside because what good does it do to beat myself up. The other dancers may look at me like they’re better than me or with the attitude that “why can’t she get it?” But seriously, they’re too old for that and whatever do I care what they think…I’m doing my best in the corner even with the sudden loss of thought mid movement.
    Sorry I’m yammering on about me. It’s great to hear that you’re loving it and moving up! Success. 🙂


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