It could just be a confidence thing…

It could just be a confidence thing…

Balancing in retiré is hard. There’s a lot to think about. Balancing in retiré on relevé is harder. There’s even more to think about. It can be wobble city for the ballet beginner.

So tonight I remembered how I learnt to ride a bike. My dad would hold onto me so I didn’t annihilate myself on the sidewalk. Then one day he decided to only rest his hand on me while I thought he was still holding on. He saw that I could ride perfectly well on my own so he let go and then off I went, ridin’ solo into the sunset.

You get the picture, right? I knew how to ride the bike, I just didn’t trust myself.

And then I wondered if this same logic applies to ballet.

So I balanced in retiré on a flat foot with one arm in first and the other very lightly touching the wall, like literally no pressure just a teeny tiny touch. Then I rose slowly up to relevé, controlled/squeezed/turned out/lifted, saw I could balance perfectly well, and proceeded to bring my wall-finger into first.

It worked! I was balancing in an absolutely-not-wobbly-at-all relevé retiré position! I guess learning to trust in yourself is important in ballet. Who knew?

You should try it out. It could just be a confidence thing.


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