Welcome, friends.


Hey, my name is Maya.

I started properly taking ballet classes in January 2015, after dipping a toe in the ballet water in 2014. Next minute, I fall in love with it and can’t stop. They don’t warn you about that.

I’m currently taking two level 2 adult ballet classes, and one beginner class. I may or may not be looking to find a beginner hip hop class because I feel like I need to accept that the booty won’t quit. Updates as new information comes through.

I love talking to people. Talk to me and I will talk back!

Here is a list of non-ballet things that I enjoy, just so you know I’m not a walking ballet slipper.

  1. Writing
  2. Dogs
  3. More dogs
  4. All the dogs
  5. Coffee
  6. Crime shows on Netflix
  7. Reading
  8. Music – if there’s someone clicking slowly or a beat that’s like wub……wub…..wub….. I’ll probably like it. Or gangster rap. I’m not fussy.
  9. Russian language (I’m trying to learn it!)
  10. Harry Potter.

I take any of the photos that I post 🙂


4 thoughts on “Welcome, friends.

      1. I’m doing it at uni as part of my degree, but last year I was only doing it on my own and I borrowed grammar books from the uni library Hahahah. It’s really difficult but such a nice language. Oh and duolingo is quite handy but it doesn’t really explain grammar or anything :/


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